Exploring The Menopause
6 week therapeutic course
1 day therapeutic course
For any woman who wants to explore her menopause

"I am not simply 'having' my menopause, I am living it" 

Van Eyk McCain 1991

Whether you are at the beginning, in the throes of it, or out the other side, the menopause is a momentous change, common to all women.  It can be a long process of physiological challenges and some women experience an emotional roller-coaster of loss, anger and grief for the younger version of themselves,  For yet other women, menopause holds within it a fear for the future. Because there is so little information and discussion about menopause women can find this a confusing, difficult and lonely time in their lives.


Many women suffer in silence and simply wait for it all to be over.

Here at Talk Menopause, we have designed a course to break that silence by giving women an opportunity to explore how they are experiencing the menopause, in all it's facets. During the course, we provide information about the range of 'normal' physiological responses to menopause and, whilst we are unqualified to offer any medical advice about the symptoms of menopause, we can signpost you to ways of getting practical support.  However, beyond the experience of the 'symptoms' of menopause, we believe there is great value in women sharing their experiences of the emotional and mental changes they are going through and finding their own path through menopause.


Who is the course for?

This course is for any woman,* or self-identifying woman interested in exploring the experience of menopause in more depth. Most women begin to experience the peri-menopause (Pre-menopause) from the ages of 45 - 50 and the average age for the ending of periods is said to be 51 years.  However, our experience and research  suggests that the process is often ongoing and many women begin menopause at much earlier ages because of a host of factors.  So whatever your age, come along and share and learn!

What are the practical details?

The course runs in 2 different modes: as a 6 week course or as a 1 day course


Whilst both courses are for small groups (12 or less women) and cover a similar programme, in the 6 week course, there is more time for personal exploration and to build up support in the group, which many women find invaluable.

The course fee for the full 6 weeks is £150.  You can turn up for the first session and pay £30 and then pay the remaining £120 to continue as part of the group.

The 1 day course runs on a Saturday from 10am - 5pm with a break for lunch (not provided) at the OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre (Details on our contact page) in Temple Cowley, Oxford.

The course fee is £75

Each group will be facilitated by Paula Maddison and Lizzie Cummings

What will the course cover?

Whilst the group is intended to be flexible and responsive to what the participants want to cover, you can expect that there will be space to explore some of the following:

  • Your beliefs, expectations, hopes and fears about menopause

  • Your experience and feelings about the physical/physiological process of the menopause, including the change in your fertility

  • Your experience and feelings about the psychological process of the menopause

  • Your thoughts and feelings about how menopause affects your feelings about yourself as a sexual being and your role in your family/society

  • Your hopes and dreams about the woman you might become!

There is more time on the 6 week course to discuss individual issues than on the 1 day course.

*  This course is a women-only course and is for any woman and not specifically for Therapy professionals.

However, we do run a course for therapy professionals on working with clients who are experiencing menopause and men are welcome to attend.