One Day Workshop


Using ancient stories, myths and movement

to support women who are going through the menopause





We invite women to share with each other their journey of the menopause:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  The menopause can feel lonely, but by exploring our personal experiences together, we can begin to teach and connect to each other in new and profound ways and so forge a path through.   Whilst it can be a vulnerable and exhausting time, what many women don’t know is that it is also a rich transition into the next stage of life, full of potential and wisdom.   In the language of myth, we have already transitioned from girl to maiden to princess...  


Now we enter the Queen phase



Why work with stories?

Stories are all about the human condition. The ancient myths and folk tales were written to help us reflect on, understand and empathise with who we are and often they offer solutions to our problems.  I will introduce material from myths that contain themes specifically relevant to the menopausal woman and use them to support our process.  We will work experientially, using movement and role play, followed by group discussion to reflect on what we discovered about ourselves and how to implement what we learn in our everyday lives.  This way of working allows us to experience how we actually feel because our bodies as well as our minds will be engaged in the process.   


Whilst we will adapt to the needs of the group here are some guidelines for what to expect:


  • Connect to other women through shared experiences of The Change

  • Engage with the menopausal transition through the creative arts

  • Mourn the losses / embrace the new /find personal meaning in The Change

  • Explore what lies on the other side of your menopause

Do I need to have experience in performing?

No!  As in all therapeutic groups, this is not about performance.  We simply use the arts as vehicles to express, explore and understand how we feel and who we are.

Practical Details

We are planning to run a one day workshop in London in Spring/early summer of 2020.  

To register your interest and get information about the workshop, please send us your details

by using the "Book Here" button

Facilitators: Lizzie Cummings and Paula Maddison